At SY Aesthetics, we believe that you deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin. Our personalised approach to skincare, takes the time to understand your unique skincare needs and goals.

Skin and Health Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Give your skin a new lease on life with tighter pores, even skin tone and overall improvement with these little to no downtime treatments.

Restorative and Structural Treatments

Whether addressing concerns such as sagging jowls or pronounced nasolabial folds, adding subtle volume to the lips, or accentuating the grace of the face, restorative and structural treatments can make a world of difference for you.

Problematic Skin Treatments

Problematic skin can affect people of all genders, age groups and skin types. With a tailored treatment program, you can treat that acne, sun damaged or compromised skin.

Our bespoke treatments use the latest modalities and products to achieve results that speak volumes

What we do

We have a treatment that's right for you

We offer a range of individualised treatments to cater for all skin types. From medical grade skin and body treatments, injectables and rejuvenation.

Promoting a healthy outlook on the aging process and problematic skin is so important to us! At SY Aesthetics, we want you looking and feeling your best, aging gracefully, and nurturing your skin health, no matter what stage in life.

We achieve this by providing a holistic approach to skin with scientifically proven treatments and cosmeceutical grade skincare that we love. We want you to fall in love with looking after your skin, health and appearance.

We are passionate about helping everyone achieve their healthiest and most beautiful skin, regardless of skin type, tone or issue.

Your path to healthy, radiant skin